by The Demigs

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released June 5, 2007



all rights reserved


The Demigs Denton, Texas

As seen on
The Real Bandmates of Denton.

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Track Name: Solvents
My time's of no importance
My room's a darkening shelf
We won't speak for others
When we're both passed out
Drive to the party on Archer
Hide 'til the panic wears down
Writing from a secret location
In a wordsmith's mouth

It won't read your repeater
Armory's closed for rain
In this persistent plot
The guards are up for gain

Signing up for classes on sainthood
Charming in the palm of your hand
Petty love left the cab fare
And a list of demands
Talking just to gauge your reaction
Liars have a similar sway
Listening just to hear your retraction
Played on heartstrings

It's the filler in living
That makes it worth losing your youth
Madrigals from mandibles of weathermen who've loved you.
Madrigals from mandibles of weathermen who've loved you.
Track Name: Summer Spiders
I want a new goodbye
An uneasy ocean
To keep the vampires
From teaching mathematics
To keep the lights on
To save your day job
Maladjust, maladjust
Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss to the old world

Genetic alchemy
Brand new summer same old spiders
They say let it live
But they're not from around here
They come from where it's dark
And bring the baleful

We can construct
On the gifts of unpaid restitution
Bad quills steady on the mind of a frustrated fool

Come on move east
Trail the conscience behind
Line up the girls
Line up the straight spines

Let the others take ground
We'll take nothing, nothing
Let the masses cry out
Trouble, trouble, tremble

Medical symmetry
Brand new summer same old blinders
The sun moves south
Escorts a new year
Brings a drought to level all the field

Take greed over base
It's this week's thought on evolution
Box your things, move on in
After we burn down The Vatican
Track Name: Humming from Outside
Chalk marked sidewalks in violet
Your fingers talk to me through speakers, like pilots
And there's a paper trail on fire to your potential
Chasing an army of strangers, onward provincials

Well I heard you're on your feet by now
At least that's what they're saying about you
Well I'm on my way down
And I'm coming to get to you
And there's nothing left for blueprints but red and gray

Shutter speed, and sea foam curtains
Bury the blister that's only course is to resurface
I know, I know its incessant thinking
A manner of being without the reminder of breathing

Take the walkway to your place
And be keen about the streetlights
Just wait until you see the white of my eyes
But that's not in you
Now you notice you're pale and you're perfect and losing restraint

You're out to sea by now, dear girl
Floating and listless without even trying
Splendid aquatic, the garden of the dim
Present your purpose
Collapse, collapse, etc.
Track Name: The 98th Meridian
The social was louder than anything
Came down to the concede
To cut up the back teeth
We heard it all in unison
You'll fall for the first one
To build you a fiction
Withering with apologies
Your image is caustic
The thoughts were exhausting

She's seething
There's a torso sewn up like maps
The horses spin
If only for a fighting chance
Let's get them all
To the 98th

God's watching, God's watching
From a stuttering turnstile
He makes for the worst child
Busy marking all the landmines
There wasn't a mention
He left them in your skin
It's not enough to face the dead sky
We're turning a deaf ear
'cause we don't speak death here

It's such a long drive
Maybe the cocaine is talking back
You're just in time
We should be choking on all the slack
Couldn't strand them there
At the 98th

We'll make them martyrs
We could make you a martyr too
The archers draw
They can't hurt us from our view
Wouldn't bring themselves
To the 98th
Track Name: Dulce
We were kids from electric states
Trading posture for a place to land
Your only slip was ending up here
So come on, grab you guns, cast you nets, pull 'em in, and see why they've left you

And we go and we go where we want to
You seem optimistic
But something's missing from your battle plans
Dry paint
Won't cover your mistakes
And we're done playing the victim

Standing on a spindle for the last time
Throwing telegraphs with intention
She'll give us away, give it away, she's on my arm again

Keeps spy with the back of her eyes, it makes the world heavy

"You'll go far"
Said Vanity
But he laughed and beamed between each hanging
Suspects stagger
With parity
Around the steps, I'm waiting

You think
"Moment's dead"
We make quite the pair
Lost our way
But not the bad blood
We'll send you all a flare when we're tanking

It's all just a scheme
They've got you running fast
Or running out of
Breaks on me
So let's lift it
And hope that the won't corrupt us

And we go, and we go where we want to
You seem optimistic
But there's something…missing…here
Track Name: Throw Me Overboard
You're such a pretty girl
Why don't you kill it?
Why don't we kill it?

I have become all these little black angels
You can only count on numbers, but you know they strangle

Straighten up
And slow it down
You know it kills me
You get around

Go downtown and scream to the cops
But don't say nothing baby
Go back home and spin like a top
'til you get dizzy, crazy

And don't forget to tell them
Just how lovely you are
You are, you are, you are

Walk downstairs and empty your lungs
I'm in a hurry
Go back to sleep until this wears off
'cuz it might kill you
'cuz it might kill you.
Track Name: Cashing In
The paper read just like a tombstone
And I noticed your were back lit by an anthem
And I couldn't help but fall in your aquarium
To watch you change

Well you and I
Know that I have never swept a girl off her feet
Oh no
I'm not that good looking or that sweet
I'm not that sweet

If I had gone and got you flowers
Would you think that I'd be do something selfish with my hours?
I promised you a wedding
But all you got was just a plane ticket that's heading north

You and I know
That that we have always had the odds against us
Oh boy
I'm not one for playing numbers
Look at all the others cashing in
They're cashing in, they're cashing in
Track Name: Northwest Skyline
With your bright, white smile and sound
You invite me to swim in your chemistry
And we all know my weakness
Slowly resign with nothing in mind
And manage all the seasick
We convulse, there's a change in the air
They find my pulse, but it's not enough to keep me there

She strikes
Just like a serpent
Without the aim or the purpose
We sleep just like we're infants
Another sign of dependence
I'm a miser, troubled by sun
I'm a miser, I'm a miser

Calm your heartbeat down
To confuse me, to drown in your syzygy
And we all speak in transmissions
A steady decline that's covered in white
And measured by transitions
We shake, and seize for joy
Bang on the bottle and twist 'til your hands get sore

I try just like a newborn
Waiting for something comforting and warm
Oh it's a shame
That my best friends don't know my name
Find a ride home, I'll be alone, you'll be alone, we'll be alone

She strikes
Just like a serpent
Without the aim or the purpose
And we all know my weakness
Slowly resign with nothing in mind
And manage all the seasick

I'm O.K. in decay, I'm O.K. in decay...
I'm a crash...
Track Name: My Empty Vessel
Let's get the strength to eavesdrop on the
Musclebound mute next door
He won't know that we are there
We're always listening

And it comes in the end when we least expect it
And it comes in the form of some great kinetic wave
I'll just hold on 'til my muscles all give way

My words, your mouth
Sure it's been fun, I hope it works out
Against the vent, faces are pressed
In fear of nothing

I'm a little better when I'm under the weather
No phone calls today, or maybe ever
You can come back when your skin gets thicker

You try it, you break it, you buy it...

And it comes in the end when we can't protect it
And it comes in the form of something lovely and violent
Just call me over and under not older
Just call me over and under not older.
Track Name: Japanese Glass
So I go downtown to The Museum Of Flight
And ride the elevators up and down all day
And all I can do is think of you parting a sea of industrial strength brick walls in silence
I pull the alarms in hope of some attention, but I'm a product of self-invention and far too much intervention
I pray goddamn I need a cigarette, but the urge won't quit
You better better catch my arm before I do the other harm

You! I need my bed rail
A better way to my habit
You are a tiny ticker tape parade
And I am just a knee-jerk cynic
Is there a better method in becoming less progessive?
Or should we trade our passion for the less impressive passive?

So I look at you with a jaundiced, kino-eye through the bottom of a wide angle lens
Sounds pretty scary, but the trap is up to part, and I'm not quit used to this basement living
Have another cup of deprivation and a side of desperation and an all American record to beat the band
Take what you will from the sentimental pills, but I've had it up to here with your heavy-handed jilt.

Hey! I need the space
To keep me from the government
I like your Vicodin haircut
Sounds like cheap shot but you know I think it's perfect
Back off, black out, and be who they prayed you to be
And let the spare parts just land at your feet.

She's counting lemmings
In the neon city that never seems to quit
You can bleed yourself until that corset falls off
But that won't change how it fits
She's counting blessings and then names them
One by one by one
And they shimmer and they shine
Like ice between the fault lines
Track Name: A Curse On The World
At home, alone, I read your binary
I've said it all along; you're not my type, a commoner
With eager eyes I watch you bring the corner into sight
Well that's a new one; tell us where you got that trick

Lately I'm up for anything
Scotch guarded soul, you kept my hours
You told me humor is in the artifice
Come take my voice, come take my tongue, come take my speech

It happens this way; it opens that way to your shaky Sunday sleep
Keep yourself from pouring into everyone you meet…everyone you meet

Secondary language in a flash
You bring this noise, we know too well
They built me under an overpass
But I'll keep on strumming, I'm strumming, I'm strumming

A curse on the world.
They placed me in an avalanche
Bravery, baby won't you stay in touch
Come take my words, come take my song, come take my sound

Tell me when it's over, tell me when we're upside down
Pay the soldiers off, and promptly leave this town
Make yourself a killing selling, if the right words just came out
Track Name: Vandals
Mass transit lies to the counter-counter-cultures
But that's not why we're here
We're sent for some solution
Mass transit cheers fight their way through concrete
End politics, glass case kids get sold or lose everything

Your voice was here
But you didn't say a word
That any of us hadn't heard before
Comrade's been veneered
Who's going to lull you now?
Bighting the blush that comes from the rush here

Dead city speaks with the alleys under contract
Sulking in a nameless dark, they've murmured war
Dead city walks with a bad back
Numerous friction-hemispheres gone cold for anyone

Half past twenty I'm turning off, getting up, giving up the jig
For the black lung, all hail the first born
Sleeping in a hotel bathroom, vandals putting up the bids
Favor's in the front seat, picking out lamella

Epileptic light around a half-dead sprawl
Burning the banners makes it meaningful
Coming nines, luminescent heart
Kitsch is in the dry docks catching hell

Now he's gone a away, yeah he's gone away, yeah he's got away, yeah he's got a way...

Who'd forget you now...
Track Name: Methuselah Moonlight
All elation was to be held captive
In the company of patented inventions
Guns returned to their routine
Focus towards the targets on the edge of solar systems

Ballast, nucleus with fangs
Dressed up in drugs
This is why we breathe so heavily

Oxygen grew sick of your romantics
And the hucksters that came to spend
I caught on to all your antics
And they're always above my head
Silver king, you're still a novice
Your overbite could overthrow you.
Heretic, the new town crier
Your advice will drive us mad

Balance, why when some say stay
Broadcasting cuts and all
Buying out the patchwork contest
Dressed down for luck
…this is why we seek with armies

Solace, chasing down cascades
Making up for lost time
Need headstart back to shore and I won't let them settle
Take them on with Roman Candles.
…this is why we're not in love at all.